Hi, I’m Lydia. I’m assuming that most people reading this, already know me and my family. But for anyone who doesn’t know us well, here is a bit about us.

I’m a mommy of 3 boys and the wife of a medical student. I have 6 year old twin boys, Cameron and Greyson, and a 10 month old baby boy, Avery. Before kids, I worked as a daycare educator and loved every minute of it. Michael, my husband of 6 years, is now in his 3rd year of medical school. Since getting married and having our twin boys, my husband managed to obtain a PhD degree in Neuroscience and so far, finished half of a medical degree. Our lives are definitely busy, full of hard work and sacrifice, but also bursting with so much love and joy.

I have absolutely no advice to give, as I am still trying to figure out how to raise 3 happy children and remain somewhat sane as a “solo stay-at-home-mommy”. Since my husband has begun working in the hospital, he has long shifts and long weeks (sometimes, with no end). So at this point in our lives, most of the child rearing and household chores fall on me. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family. I get lots of help and don’t think I would make it without them. 

I am in no way a writer. This blog is meant to be an innocent journal as a way to document my stay-at-home-mom days with my kids and record our family’s memories. And, also as an outlet to share my experiences, successes, and upsets. I hope to connect with other mommies who are in similar situations (or better, or worse). Those who love unconditionally, even though it feels like we get nothing in return. Those who not only keep their children clean, fed, warm and dry. But those who nurture. Those who enter their child’s world, to play, read and support them. And as tiring as this is, we greet each new day with joy and passion. We love our lives!