Avery’s 1st Birthday Party

My baby boy 👶 turned one-year-old on October 18th 2017. We gave him a big birthday bash to celebrate the wonderful joy-filled year he has been in our lives. I fell in love with elephants when he was gifted a big elephant which was included in his 7 month picture update. IMG_1933

The theme was obviously going to be elephants and the colors were blue and grey. These colors made up most of his wardrobe up until now and fills his nursery.

Here are a few pictures of the decorations:



I made a memory box for Avery to open on his 18th birthday. Inside I included a picture of him on his first day with his mom and dad, an ultrasound picture of him, his first pacifier, his first pair of slippers, his hospital bracelet, his letters that I have written and will continue to write him, and the notes that everyone wrote to future him at the party.


I had organized an activity to keep the older children busy and keeping in the spirit of October, we used pumpkins 🎃. They got to decorated their little pumpkins with spooky stickers and this kept them occupied for a magnificent 15 minutes.


Then of course came the cake. We had an elephant cake and Avery had his own little cake to tear into and make a mess he could call his own.


I had made sugar cookies shaped like an A, 1, & an elephant, which I decided to wrap up and give as party favors.


It was a very nice party and I was lucky to have help from my mother, mother-in-law, aunt, and grandmother. I tend to obsess and focus only on decorations, so without my family, it would be certain that all our guests would starve in a well decorated house 😜.


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