My Boys’ 6th Birthday Party

I’ve always put a lot of thought into the birthday parties that I give my kids. Here are a few pics from each of their previous birthday parties.

  • Their 1st Birthday was Sesame Street themed but other than the decor and food, there wasn’t much else to plan for one-year-olds.


  • The theme for their 2nd birthday was the colors of the rainbow since they were in the process of learning all the different colors. But again, not much planning went into this party except for decorations and food.

*I have an awesome friend who makes awesome cakes, thanks Jessie!


  • I had loads more fun planning their 3rd birthday party since my boys were a little more kid-like and a little less baby-like….wah! :(. We had a construction themed party because what 3-year-old doesn’t love loud machines and getting dirty playing in the sand? I provided construction hats and vests for the kids to dress up in and I put a plastic tarp down, emptied out a few bags of sand on top and the kids had a blast playing with their toy construction vehicles. We also had another amazing cake made by Jessie.


  • Jake the Pirate became an integral part of their lives and so their 4th birthday naturally had to be pirate themed. We had pirate hats for everyone to decorate and make unique, along with pirate swords, made out of foam of course, (there will be no accidents on my watch) to play with. The kids took turns hitting the pirate ship pinata, attacking the candy and making off with their treasures. This year I decided to try and make their cake myself. I have another awesome friend Lindsay, who helped me ice it and make it look extra awesome! All the kids left with a personalized treasure chest filled with all the goodies, any pirate would enjoy.


  • By the time my boys turned 5, I was 36 weeks pregnant and had little extra energy for anything and party planning was not a top priority for me at this point. I thought that maybe they were old enough to decide on their own, which theme they wanted. So I waddled my way to the nearest party store with two soon-to-be 5-year-old boys and one soon to be over 8 pound baby, and let them run free. “I want a minion birthday”, said one. “I want a fireman birthday”, said the other. While gathering all our supplies in the carriage, I hear, “No, wait! I want a policeman birthday instead.” and “Can I have a minion and a dragons birthday?”. After another 30 minutes of gathering supplies, putting them back on the shelves, and trying my best to tame the dreaded laying-down-on-the-floor-temper-tantrums, we left the store empty-handed. I decided to give my boys a G-E-N-E-R-I-C- birthday (OMG!) partly out of my ever-diminishing-energy-induced-by-insomnia state and partly out of punishment for not being able to make up their wonder-filled-not-fully-developed-minds. I got a few balloons with blue and green decorations, which I put together in a hurry the morning of, an ordinary piniata and a regular cake from Costco. The nerve! *drops monocle from pure shock*.  Despite planning a rushed birthday party, the kids had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it, teaching me a valuable lesson: my kids couldn’t care less about having an extravagant birthday which takes months to plan. Give them candles to blow, a pinata to beat to a pulp and family and friends to surround them on their special day and they’ll be none the wiser that mommy’s overly pregnant body just couldn’t muster up the energy this year.


This year my boys turned 6! My husband tried with all his cunning and reasoning to convince me to have their birthday at one of the indoor play centers that our son’s enjoy. I stubbornly refused but in hindsight he was probably right. Please don’t tell him I said that. I felt like I had to finish off their home birthdays with a bang! At the risk of repeating last year’s fiasco, I let them choose their themes, but this time I limited their choices to 4 themes, giving them a pinterest preview of each theme instead of browsing the aisles of the party store. Thanks Pinterest!

This year, Cameron chose dinosaurs, which makes perfect sense, since Jurassic park is constantly playing in the background now at home and he can name more dinosaur names and facts than I ever thought he can contain in his I-can’t-remember-to-bring-home-my-water-bottle-from-school brain of his. And my harmlessly eccentric Greyson chose creepy crawly bugs for his theme this year, which also makes sense, since he races to go outside and look for worms right after it rains so that he can gross his brother out. And when wearing his spider-man sweater, picks up spiders in his hand (yes you read correctly) and lets them crawl all over him because he thinks he has the power to control them.

And so once again the party planning began! I made individual dinosaur invitations for Cameron and bug invitations for Greyson, to hand out to their friends.

I decorated the party area with theme appropriate balloons. We had a Jurassic world balloon, a giant balloon, which I attempted to decorate with eyes and legs to resemble a spider, and a balloon caterpillar hanging off the bookshelf, smiling oh so creepily.


We had five activities planned for the kids to do:

  1. Dinosaur/Bug egg hunt
  2. Dinosaur/Bug egg hatch
  3. Dinosaur/Bug dig
  4. Dinosaur/Bug melt
  5. Pinata

For the Dinosaur/Bug egg hunt, I made eggs out of baking soda and water with a toy dino or bug hidden inside and hid the eggs everywhere in the house. I gave the kids clues; they went running up and down stairs, all over the house, to find all the eggs.

We then had to help our eggs hatch with our hatching potion (vinegar).

IMG_2498Outside on the balcony, we filled a kiddy pool up with sand and buried dinosaur bones, toy dinosaurs, toy bugs, and the kids were given tools to dig everything up.


Our last activity was to help melt the dinosaurs and bugs who got frozen during the ice age. IMG_2500

The kids had a lot of fun and got to keep all the dinosaurs and bugs they collected during the activities.

They also enjoyed taking turns hitting their dinosaur and frog (it was the closest thing I could find to a bug) pinatas.

Finally, cake time! We were blessed with yet another creation from “Cakes by Jessie”.

We had a bug cake, a dinosaur cake, and a half bug/half dino cake for our family party that evening.

We can’t forget the party favors. Each bag contained dinosaur and bug candy, a dinosaur egg to crack open, grow bugs, a magnifying glass, dinosaur and bug stickers, and all of their toy bugs and dinosaurs from the activities.

I am really happy that we had this party. All the kids enjoyed themselves, the boys had a blast, but now I have to say I am officially done making house parties for the boys! Growing bodies means growing space requirements. Now, onto planning Avery’s 1st birthday which is only a month away.

Looking at these pictures from the last 6 years brings up all the wonderful memories we have made together as a family. I can’t believe my boys are already 6 years old! It really is true, “With kids, the days are long but the years are short.”.


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